Oiled bale wires are used for baling application for hays and waste cartons/papers/plastics/metals. With the quality of our raw materials you will not have any troubles during the twisting operation at the end of the bales. 

Diameter Range   : 1.80 - 4.00mm

Tensile Strength  : 300 - 400 N/mm2

Coil Weights         : 40 - 50 kg or 300 - 700 kg Rosette Coils

Coil Int/Ext Dia     : 200 - 350mm (Small Coils)

                                  450 - 800mm (Rosette Coils)

Raw Material        : SAE 1006 - 1008

Field Of Apply       : Waste Carton Bales

                                  Waste Plastic Bales

                                  Waste Metal Bales

                                  Hay Bales   

Bale Wire (Oiled)

Small Coils 40-50kg packed on pallet

Bale Wire (Oiled)

Rosette Coils 400 - 700kg

Bale Wire (Oiled)

Shipment of small Coils by Container


Carton and paper

Waste PP Bags Application

3.00mm Bale Wires (Oiled) is preferred to use for this type of application

Bale Wire (Oiled)

Packing of small Coils for Shipment

Bale Wire (Oiled)

Shipment Rosette Coils by Truck

Waste carton & Paper Application

3.00mm and 3.20mm Bale Wires (oiled) are preferred for this type of applications.

Waste Plastic Bottles Application

3.40mm Bale Wires (Oiled) is preferred to use for this type of application

Wires & Fences


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