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Oiled bale wires are essential for bundling hay and various waste materials. Specifically designed for securing bales, these sturdy wires play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of hay bales, cartons, papers, plastics, and metals during storage and transportation. Their high-quality construction ensures hassle-free twisting operations, preventing unraveling and ensuring tightly bound bales.



Tensile Strength

Coil Weights

Coil int. /ext. Diameters

Raw Material

Field of Application

1.80 - 4.00 mm

300 - 400 N/mm²

40 - 50 kg or 300 - 700 kg Rosette Coils

200 - 300 mm (small coils) /450 - 800 mm (rosette coils)

SAE 1006 - 1008

Waste Carton Bales  /  Waste Plastic Bales

Waste Metal Bales   /   Hay Bales

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