Hot Dip Galvanized Wires are manufactured by dipping cold drawn wires to 99,995% purity of melted zinc bath. Zinc coating increases the service life of the wires without getting rusted. 

Diameter Range   : 0.80 - 8.00 mm

Tensile Strength  : 400 - 1.800 N/mm2

Zn Coating             : 40 - 300 gr/m2

Coil Weights          : 50 - 1.000 kg

Coil Int/Ext Dia     : 450 - 800 mm (Rosette Coils)

Raw Material        : SAE 1008 to SAE 1072 

Field Of Apply       : Panel Fence 

                                  Chain Link Fence 

                                  Welded Mesh 

                                  Barbed Wire 



                                  Suspended Ceiling 

                                  PVC Coated Wire 

                                  Shelf Production

                                  Cable Armouring 

                                  Spring Production

                                  Steel Wire Rope and Cord Wire

Metal Strap Packing.jpg

Metal Sharp Packing

Plastic Strap Packing 2.jpg

Plastic Strap Packing

Packing For Container Shipments.jpg

Packing for Container Shipments

Rosette Coils.jpg

Rosette Coils

Plastic Strap Packing.jpg

Plastic Strap Packing